What standards are Herschel panels tested to?


Heaters must satisfy 3 criteria:

Electrical and mechanical safety

Our panels are tested and verified by the German research establishment TÜV and certified “GS” (Geprufte Sicherheit – or “Proven Safety and Health”) which gives then certification to Australia / New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 60335.2.30: 2015 & AS/NZS 60335.1: 2011 Inc A1-2.

They are further verified by the Standards Association of Australia (SAA).

EMC (Electromagnetic emissions)

Appliances comprising “Resistive Elements” fall into the lowest EMC emissions category.  In Europe our panels are CE- certified (Corformité Européenne) and in Australia / New Zealand carry the RCM mark.

Safe materials used in construction

Our panels are RoHS and REACH Compliant.

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