How do Herschel Heaters work?


We could get really geeky on this but will try to keep it simple…

Herschel Select and Select XL Panels contain the Herschel COSIX element, which is carbon-based. When a current is applied to it, the whole surface heats up uniformly, making a higher average surface temperature for a given wattage than wire-based elements (which have an insulation space between the wires that does not heat: requiring a higher wire temperature and therefore more watts to achieve the same average surface temperature).

The heat emitted is radiant, averaging between 85 – 95°C or 5-12 microns of “far infrared” energy, which is the range at which our skin and many normal household furnishings including fabrics and wood most effectively absorb heat and is indeed called the “vital range”. (Both higher and lower wavelengths are not as effectively absorbed – implying wastage of energy).


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